Sunday, June 07, 2009

Chicken house and run

The last few days i have been busy making a new large run for the chickens.I have made it so i can walk in and also put on a plastic roof which i obtained from a friend who had taken their conservatory down.

The roof not only provides shelter for the hens but also stops other birds droppings into the pen and most of all is another roof for me to collect water from.

I am VERY proud of what i have made all by myself but now have sore hands,especially my fingertips :(

There is still a few minor adjustments etc to do but the ladies love it :)

The chicken house Hubby and i made from our garden shed.We cut off the bottom 18" off the shed all round and used this to make the nesting box which the chickens used straight away.

The shed was then lined with hardboard.

We then put in a small run with a hatch leading into it.


Jo said...

I would love chickens but unfortunately our allotment doesn't allow them, nor are we allowed to keep them in our garden.
The house and run you have built looks fab. They're very spoilt chickens!

bexsallotment said...

Hi Jo, thanks for your comment.I can never understand why some allotments are not allowed chicken especially when the country is trying to make people more self sufficient and green :(
They are getting spoilt,your right there lol

Stringbean said...

Nice run and chicken house you have built Bex, and I am so pleased that you got ex battery hens. Poor things, I bet they love life now.

Oh well, bang goes your holidays for the next however many years you have them - LOL.